UI/UX Branding: Create Your Product Identity

Building a brand is like painting a plain canvas. You would play with ideas, creativity, colors, patterns, and tools to come up with a perfect picture. Except, to create a compelling brand identity, you would need to provide a perfect UX and UI to audiences. These two branding elements can help you reach heights. 

Now, what is the role of branding elements? UX stands for User Experience, and UI stands for User Interface. UX,– aka user experience, creates an interaction between the customer and device in the best way possible. UI, ,– aka user interface, is developing a brand identity through visual elements and solid design. Together these two factors make your products or services likable, popular, and successful for your targeted audience. 

Before you rush in to create the best UI designs for excellent UX in your abilities, first look into the basic requirements. Whether your business is a startup or already thriving, reshaping the brand is never easy. Brand success depends on consumer preferences and interests. If your brand has what it takes to satisfy the customer, then you are already a winner. However, the success part comes after a long list of to-dos. Let us guide you through the steps of brand identity creation:


Too many times, we are so passionate about achieving objectives that we forget about the right direction. Knowing your brand is your direction towards success. You must be sure of your brand’s marketing domain, competition, mission, vision, and goals—the brand ideology. A business becomes a recognizable brand when it is based on an ideology. A brand is consistent with its ideology and committed to making it happen. 

The message you purposefully deliver to your audiences through your brand must be authentic, unique, and consistent. It should set you apart from your competitors and make you stand out. Be sure of this message because it is a defining factor of your brand. The logo design and symbols on your product packaging should reflect the ideology behind your brand. Take an example of a simple tick logo on Nike products. This simple yet profound logo design sends out a strong message of being the right choice. That’s how a trivial branding element like a logo distinguishes your brand and unconsciously earns customer favor. 


Secondly: Learn Brand Management

If setting up a brand from the ground up is difficult, managing it is a tough row to hoe. An established brand works harder to maintain its loyal consumers and overcome its weaknesses. Your brand should not become dull and boring to your consumers. You must stay innovative and creative in your ad campaigns to keep the audiences engaged. The brand image you created will lose its worth if your brand does not implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Here are some important brand management key points:

 Be continuously active and available to your audiences to preserve their loyalty.

  • Collect information on your customer’s changing demands.
  • Be aware of the marketing strategies of existing and new competitors.
  • Stay consistent with your vision and actively spread brand awareness. 
  • Strategize and revise your brand’s marketing plan and make necessary amendments.
  • Set up achievable goals for the foreseeable future and work towards getting them. 
  • Engage with customers and take their feedback
  • Keeping the target market in mind, develop logos, packaging, lettering, and colors for your brand accordingly. 


Thirdly: Visual Designs for Visual Identity

Now that we have talked about brand creation’s basic requirements let’s delve into the most technical and crucial factor— visual identity development. Your website, logo design, packaging, and icons develop an image of your brand. These visual elements create a perception of your brand in the audience’s mind and make them identify it from the crowd of products. Again, the visual elements must be selected and decided upon your target market’s preferences and requirements. For instance, the brand for baby care should use soft and delicate colors, a clothing brand uses fashionable and trendy designs, whereas a food brand uses delicious storytelling. For perfect UI branding, the following components play a major role:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Font
  • Icons
  • Graphics
  • Interactive Videos and Illustrations
  • Websites’ Feature Image


Fourthly: Better Experience for Users

All the effort we put into creating a brand is to offer the consumer a better experience with your brand and win over their trust. Consumers must think by choosing your brand, they are making the right choice, and you are the best option. For a better UX, your digital presence on all platforms must be well integrated. The consumers should have a seamless experience with you. Your brand website should be easily navigable and user-friendly. It should not be complicated to scroll through; the same goes with the app design. Choose colors that suit the targeted audience’s choice and fit your brand’s identity. All your digital channels must work in uniformity and seamlessly for your potential customer to turn into a permanent one. Here are a few tips:

  • The content should be understandable yet catchy to grasp the interest of viewers.
  • Do not overload your website with unnecessary graphics. Use visual promotion wisely.
  • Make continuous and good use of email marketing, newsletters, special media presentations, and posts.
  • Be consistent in implementing the marketing strategy and adopt a creative style with data-driven analysis. 
  • Stay focused on sale triggers by understanding users’ demands expected from your brand.


Let’s Summarize:

The key to successful branding is a well-rounded plan and strategy. Once you know the direction and fundamentals of brand creation, you will have a roadmap to start the journey. Document the basics like brand vision, ideology, mission, and goals and share it with your team members to get the workforce focused on the same destination—brand success.  

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