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ColPick is a feather-light and portable color picker that captures the HTML hex string of any color from the screen, along with its RGB values. It has a couple of intuitive options that can be tackled with ease by all types of users.
Simple GUI for grabbing colors
The interface is represented by a very small window with a straightforward look, where you can click and drag a square to any part of the desktop to grab the current color while previewing it in an area of the main frame.
View HTML and RGB color codes
The RGB channels and HTML color codes are automatically calculated and displayed. The HTML string can be copied to the Clipboard by simply clicking on it. However, there are no similar options implemented for copying the RGB numerical values, so you have to manually take notes in a text editor.
Apart from the fact that you can make this frame stay on top of any other windows, there are no other notable settings available.
Portability advantages
The entire program’s wrapped in a single.exe file that can be copied to the hard drive or to a removable storage unit to directly launch ColPick on any PC without previous setup. It doesn’t need DLLs or other components to run, create files on the HDD without permission, or integrate new entries into your system registry.
Evaluation and conclusion
It didn’t put a strain on the machine’s performance in our tests, running on low CPU and RAM. No error dialogs popped up and it didn’t hang or crash.
However, it had a slight delay between pointing the cursor to a color and displaying it in the preview area. On top of that, the preview area is too small and there are no options for copying the RGB color codes. We are also keeping in mind that ColPick hasn’t received updates for a long time.
If you would like to make colors a lot easier to remember, you could use this program for doing the job.

ColorFlipper is a handy software application that can easily be used by most users. It supports color picker and clipboard history functions, and it can capture colors from a picture, a website, or a window. The program runs smoothly on most systems.
ColorFlipper Features:
Captures colors from a picture, a website, or a window
The most useful feature of this tool is the support for webpages. This program captures any color from any website, and it can also save the data to a folder. You can easily

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It’s a powerful macro recorder. You can record your actions from the keyboard and then replay them. A few characters like Ctrl+Alt+Del are automatically captured for you to be able to replay a specific action.
KEYMACRO is a lightweight and simple macro recorder. It is mostly designed to ease complex key sequences, allowing you to easily and effectively repeat them. You don’t have to record your actions or tick one box from a lengthy list of options.
Key shortcuts are automatically captured and stored, allowing you to replay your actions with a single click. Each action is attached to a short keystroke (for example, Ctrl+Alt+Del) so that you can easily record them.
The main window has a solid and intuitive user interface, with a small icon in the upper-left corner of the desktop.
Visual Studio Integration:
When you save the macro to a project, VS (Visual Studio) automatically opens the file and attaches the shortcut to a menu item on the View menu.
Besides that, the macro can be attached to any shortcut key you want, so you have multiple options to make it suitable for your needs.
C:\Program Files\KEYMACRO
System Requirements:
Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows 8
Mac OS X

Basic Clipboard Management Software

Basic Clipboard Management Software provides a universal interface with which to do text, image, and file clipboard management on Windows and Linux. It can also copy files from an FTP server and browse the user clipboard.
The Basic Clipboard Management Software can be used to clip, copy, move and paste files from your clipboard to any application. It can even copy files from FTP servers.
Basic Clipboard Management Software is a simple, yet powerful clipboard manager software. It provides an interface through which you can clip, copy, move and paste files from your clipboard to any application.
When using the Basic Clipboard Management Software you can copy and paste files from one computer to another and can even copy files from FTP servers. It includes a file manager to browse files on your FTP server. In addition to file management, Basic Clipboard Management Software can also make and copy images from the clipboard.
Key features of Basic Clipboard Management Software:
Clipboard management
Image capture
Copy files from FTP server
Basic Clipboard Management Software has a small size and is free of any dependencies.
KEYMACRO Description:
It’s a powerful macro recorder

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What’s New In Portable ColPick?

Color Picker is a lightweight portable program that displays a small window with the current color of the desktop.
From the palette, you can select a color or type it as an HTML code.
The color can be dragged to another window to copy it or the main window's bounds to save the color in your desktop's images.
Apart from the color, the program will also calculate and display the RGB values.
Color Picker's interface can be easily managed by any user.
It will perform well on any system, and won't slow down the machine.
Color Picker can be used as a secondary screen saver with the desktop image.
• Type in the color or copy it as an HTML code and save it in your desktop.
• Drag the color to any window to save it in the desktop.
• To view the color's RGB values, simply click on the small square.
• The color can be dragged and pasted to your desktop.
• The program can be used as a desktop wallpaper image.
• Option to enable the program to stay on top of other windows.
• Option to change the color depth for a better visual experience.
• Option to manually add any color in the Palette.
• Option to calculate and display the RGB values.
• Option to disable other elements, such as the GUI buttons.
• Option to change the font of the color labels.
• Option to disable the menu bars.
• Option to change the percentage of the size for the preview window.
• Option to change the images of the desktop.
• Option to change the images of the window.
• Option to disable the minimization of the main window.
• Option to disable the animations of the program.
• Option to display the program in the system tray.
• Option to disable the automatic update of the program.
• Option to use the F2 key to auto-run the program.
• Option to paste a shortcut on the Desktop.
• Option to use keyboard shortcut to show the program window.
• Option to open a browser window for browsing the color.
• Option to disable the capture process.
• Option to capture HTML colors in an image and copy it to the clipboard.
• Option to select the color's alpha channel.
• Option to change the color label font size.
• Option to capture color with the mouse pointer on the image.
• Option to add any new color to the program.
• Option to display the RGB and HTML color codes of a color.
• Option to disable the display of the program.
• Option to open a window with the image of the last capture.
• Option to disable the image of the windows.
• Option to display an

System Requirements For Portable ColPick:

Supported OS: Win 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, 2003, Vista x64, 2003 x64
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 CPU or AMD Athlon
Memory: Minimum 512 MB RAM
Graphics Card: 256 MB VRAM
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard: USB or PS2
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
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