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Ms Button Maker Review

Ms Button Maker

Ms Button Maker is a simple software application which comes bundled with many options and can be used in order to help you design buttons.
The installation process is over with just a few clicks, and brings you to a plain interface, which all user types can easily work with, regardless of their level of experience. It consists of a menu bar, a button preview panel and several tabs with options.
There are two types of buttons you can use, modern and classic, and save your project to the hard drive, as PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or WMF files, as well as save it in all formats at once. You can also add text, by uploading a RTF or by simply inputting it, with custom font type, style, size and color.
In addition to that, it is possible to change the texture and color or your button by simply choosing it from a pretty long list, provided by the developers. You can also add a picture to the button, change its width and height, as well as control the position of the text and icon.
The computer’s performance is not going to be affected by this program, as the memory and CPU usage is low. Narrow Help contents are provided, yet it becomes apparent they are not actually needed, when taking into account how simple to use this utility is.
To sum up, Ms Button Maker is a useful piece of software when it comes to creating buttons and saving them to the computer. It has a good response time, a user-friendly interface and a few options to keep you busy for a while.Q:

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What’s New in the?

Make buttons of your very own! With Ms Button Maker you can design your own buttons and add any text and icons to them. All the buttons are saved to a.png,.jpg or.gif file.
User reviews

May 5, 2015


Created a button for my webpage that has nothing to do with that application. In fact it is not even a button.

November 23, 2014


It is very easy to use. But I don’t think it could be used to print an image on a button.

April 28, 2014


I had been looking for a tool that lets me create a button on a button for my site. I’m a graphic designer, not a programmer.
I found this application and thought I’d give it a try, it’s easy to use and it did the job. It saved me the time and the trouble to create the button.

September 25, 2013


Could be good for the web, but it needs to be modified to be compatible for it.

August 27, 2013


It could work well on windows but it is not compatible with Vista.

April 16, 2013


Works good!

February 13, 2012


I used the application to print out a banner, works great.

September 30, 2011


You need to register to use the software.

April 21, 2011


The registration page that comes with the software asks for my email address. It then sends me to my inbox with an ‘unexpected page’ message.

June 18, 2010


Just have a quick question, I’m using the program and would like to add the feature of being able to print a button on a button in my program (something like this
Is that possible and if it is, where can I find the button template file.
Thank you.

July 27, 2009


How do you want your button to look?

March 30, 2009


What do you want to change?

February 11, 2009


I’m using it and it works well. I’m not sure what more to add.

November 13, 2008


I would like to know if this software will work in windows 7 and if the print feature will work.

November 12, 2008


This program requires Win XP or higher. If you are using a Windows XP version lower than the one you are required for, please upgrade to the latest version.

October 31

System Requirements For Ms Button Maker:

Mac OS 10.6.8 or later
Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0Ghz or higher
Sound Card: Intel HDA sound driver
Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse
Output Devices: VR headset
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
How to play:
How to watch with:
How to record:
English Subtitles:
Dutch Subt

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