How to Overcome Creative Block: Top 11 Ways

Once you have produced your creative genius, there is no going back to the ordinary. Instead, you only work for perfection, you become your own competition, and the bar is raised permanently. But then, out of nowhere, there comes a slump, a block, or a decline in your creative ability that makes you struggle to invent your signature brilliance. It is called a creative block.

Creative block happens to even the best of us. It is impossible to stay inspired and enthusiastic all the time. So if you are going through this temporary creative slop, don’t be bothered because the muse for your creativity is still there, and you just need to woo her back.

Here Are the Top 11 Ways to Overcome Creative Block

1. Ditch Technology

Creative block depression is a real deal. When the deadlines are looming and your mind is playing tricks, you enter deep, dark despair. In this case, your best bet is to go back to the start. Ditch technology, take a sketchbook and pencil, go for a walk, and you will see ideas come flowing into your mind.

2. Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

In the history of art, no one has ever evoked ideas by forcing the mind to be creative. Ask any writer, designer, or famous artists who have experienced the creative block in the past. None of them could push their minds to be creative. When nothing is working and pieces are not coming together, just take a break and start fresh. You may be delighted that this pause will help you come back stronger in the game.

3. Look for Inspiration Around You

The thing about art is that it gives you the liberty to explore your imagination. Sometimes the reason behind creative block for graphic designers is usually their limited inspiration sources. You shouldn’t just experiment with the same patterns, colors, fonts, and shapes. Find inspiration in the work of other professionals, preferably the graphic designer you admire the most. Go out of your comfort zone for anything that inspires you and try something new, even if it scares you. Remember, there are no boundaries in art.

4. Relax Your Mind with Monotonous Task

This creative block exercise might sound pointless, but it is highly effective in getting the mind back on track. Engage yourself in everyday monotonous tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the home, or organizing the wardrobe that doesn’t require much cerebral activity but helps clear the mind. By the time you will be done sorting out things and arranging items, you will feel relaxed and at ease to work with a fresh perspective.

5. Mistakes Are Part of the Process

While you are busy finding ways on how to overcome creative block, don’t be afraid of failures. Mistakes are part of the process, and they only help us grow and sharpen our skills. You are never going to create anything worth appreciation if you are holding yourself back from taking risks. Choose a direction and go with it; a few setbacks in the way will make you thrive faster.

6. Prioritize Your Health

Selfcare is not any less important than your success. A creative mind resides in a well-rested and relaxed body. If you suffer from muscular tension and headaches because of sleep deprivation or stress, your work will suffer. You wouldn’t be able to utilize your brainpower to perform the best. Instead, your focus and attention span will decrease. Just allow yourself to enjoy some laid back time and take care of your body first. Everything else will sort itself out.

7. Perfection is Not an Overnight Job

Creating a masterpiece takes time. It is not overnight work that you can get done in one attempt. Look at the bigger picture, make a plan, divide the project into small chunks and keep your aim in mind. Don’t be overwhelmed by the excitement of finishing the projects quickly. Handle one task at a time, and tackle hurdles as they come. Soon you will see that every bit came together perfectly, and you had your masterpiece.

8. Don’t Be a Victim of Procrastination

Procrastination is terrible for productivity for people in all lines of work. But for creative people, procrastination is the worst. Yes, going easy on yourself is vital to overcome creative block, but it shouldn’t take you into a further abyss of incompetence. Your mind should have the stamina to utilize its faculties to the fullest. Even when things seem hard, show up at work, give your best shot and try to do better the next time but don’t just sit around and limit yourself.

9. Break The Pattern

Every creative person knows about his strengths and weaknesses. Oftentimes, we don’t do things differently just because we are afraid to work on our weaknesses. Soon this becomes a pattern, and you keep on doing work in a certain way you find easy and smooth. 

Probably this fear of overcoming the weakness is now affecting your creative ability and work efficiency. Look into yourself and find what incites fear. Work on improving your skills and convert your weaknesses into strengths. This way, you will have yourself through the creative block phase quicker than expected.

10. Finish What You Have Started

The task you are already working on should remain the main focus until its completion. Juggling too many balls at a time always leads to a disastrous result. However boring the project you currently have in hand might be, and however exciting the new one seems, leaving work halfway wouldn’t have the desired outcome. Instead, working on multiple projects will stifle your creativity and deplete your energy.

11. Be Inquisitive

Perhaps the creatives block you are trying to overcome occurred because of a lack of information regarding the project at hand. You must be aware of the preferences and expectations of the targeted audience, the goals of the business, and the work quality of competitors against whom your designs would stand. So, ask away as many questions as possible and do your homework before starting any project.


Creative block happens even to the experts. It is just a bump in the road that you will overcome in no time if you follow the above mentioned tips from professional graphic designers. 

Creativesaware being a graphic designing company itself, understands the struggles and hurdles of creative people. We believe in looking beyond the horizon to come up with designing marvels and creative masterpieces. For us, every project is a blank canvas that could be turned into a work of art. 

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