How To Create An Amazing Business Logo: 2021

A logo is an influential factor in creating a brand identity. It grabs the attention of the consumers and reflects on your products’ quality. Nowadays, people don’t have time to read a full description to evaluate a companies’ performance. They recognize brands by their logos and graphic designs. It is part of visual communication that occurs between the brands and the audience without words. Take logo designs as the face of the brands that either set a lasting impression or lose the consumer’s attention; you only have one chance to get it right.


Fortunately, many online logo makers allow you to create a logo by yourself. Or you can hire a professional graphic designer who is well-versed with the craft of business logo designs. Either way, give special attention to developing a logo for your brand because it will be an identifying symbol for your brand that consumers will memorize forever.


In this guide, we will help you go through all the considerable aspects of creating the best business logos. Let’s get started!


Best Logo Examples and Ideas

1. Understand Your Brands’ Vision

Before you set out to hunt for the best logos in the world, it is vital to be clear on your brand’s vision and goals. The colors, fonts, and tones of a logo tell a story behind your brand’s creation and connect with your consumers emotionally. It translates your narrative by striking a visual communication and becomes a solid identity for your brand. This story behind your brand is what makes it stand out among your competitors and enhance your visibility. Pay keen attention to logo designs because they are your brand’s profile that your consumer associates with you.

2. Find Creative Logo Ideas

Once the brand’s vision is crystal clear, and you know what kind of message to put out there, start brainstorming on logo ideas. If you have any ideas in mind, jot them in the form of a list and collect as many sample logo designs for your business as possible. Even if the samples appear unattractive at first glance,  collect them anyway. Remember, any design or color pallet could inspire you to create your brand’s very own and unique logo that you would be proud of.

3. Be Aware Of Your Competitors’ Marketing Strategy

A crucial part of logo creation is awareness of the marketing strategy of your brand’s competitors. What kind of typography, color combinations, and styles are they using and why? Gather the data by researching their social media accounts and use it to understand what makes them a success. Note down which features of their logo designs impressed you and which didn’t. The data analysis will help you greatly in coming up with an attractive logo for your brand.
Most importantly, your competitors would have done similar research as you while creating their logos. Using their strategy would help you save time and resources and give an insight into the expectations and choices of your targeted audience.

4. Choose A Logo Design That Suits Your Brand

There are a multitude of logo styles to use for your brand. You can choose a logo with an icon, word, name, image, or a complete emblem. It mainly depends on your requirements.
For example, we can easily recognize McDonald’s’ giant “m” from any set of logo designs. This is the power of the logo in earning brand recognition.
It is always better to pick a logo that has your company’s name on it. Your customers will recognize your brand’s name immediately by looking at the logo, even if you have used the initials only. Logo with words is also part of an effective advertising campaign that advantageously does the publicity for the brands. Moreover, small businesses with limited budgets can save money using wordmark logos (logos with names). However, if you have a different idea in your mind for the logo design for your brand, here is a list of other types of logos:
1. Combination Marks: Combination logos are a merger of words and a visual graphic. The visual can be of any picture, mascot,  icon, or abstract marks.
2. Abstract Marks: Abstract marks are custom-made designs displaying specific shapes. They are instantly recognized due to distinctive artistic impressions.
3. Pictorial Marks: The best example of pictorial marks is an apple for the Apple Brand and a bird of Twitter network.
4. Emblem Logos: Emblem logos are the most complicated designs. They are a fusion of words, images, mascots, and shapes combined to create a unified emblem. Harley Davidson’s logo is the best example of emblem designs.
5. Mascot Logos: Simply a mascot logo is the one that has a mascot in it. It doesn’t have any words or icons, just a cartoon-like character with a combination mark.

5. The Importance of Colors and Fonts in Your Logo

The color combinations and font styles matter alot in making your logo memorable. Colors trigger emotions and impact your mood. Suppose a yellow tint will give you a feel of daytime and bright emotions, whereas black is intense and bold.
You must select the colors according to your brand’s niche. A logo of an automobile brand can use dark colors, and a food chain company should go for colors that convey happiness and excitement. It is all about grabbing the attention of your targeted consumers, so pick the colors as per their choices.
The same is the case with fonts. They must suit your brand’s overall vision and visual identity. Do not try to make a statement with your font selection. Pick the fonts that are readable yet stylish.


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