How to Create A Product Page that Converts: 8 Product Page Design Tips

If the landing page of your website is an opportunity to bring traffic, then the product page is where you build a loyal customer base. Products pages are where visitors decide to take action that you require from themclick on the buy now button. In other words, this page is a tie-breaker, either you have a customer or just another visitor. 

Now coming to the big question, how to design a product page? 

Keep reading to know top product page design tips that will help you convert browsers into buyers!

Product Page Design Tips for Website

Optimizing product page design should be at the top of your checklist because it is where sales happen. For this reason, product page design has a significant role in running a successful ecommerce store. To improve the scannability, usability, and aesthetic appeal of product page design for the website, we have listed down 8 important page design tips. Let’s get started:

1 – Impressive Photography

People don’t spend much time reading details and ingredient lists. It is the quality of the images on product pages that speaks for your product. If it doesn’t impress, the viewers will scroll by and look for something else. The visual elements help build a relationship with potential customers and earn their trust. Utilize your creative capacities to set up interactive, attractive, and communicative feature images to convince the customers to choose you. 

2 – Highlight the Key Details

The main features that a visitor would want to know on a product page are price, size, quantity, discount offers, and subscription options. If these details are hard to find or written vaguely, you may lose a potential buyer. All the required information regarding the product must be on direct display. 

Navigations and scrolling features need to have clear icons and badges for customer selection. In short, the goal is to provide concise and valuable details artistically to encourage customers to fulfill the desired objectives.  

3 – The Right Placement of Call to Action Button

CTA, aka the call to action, must always appear above the fold. If the customer is already impressed by the looks and description of your product page, don’t make them wait any longer. Place the CTA button right in front, designed in a highlighted color, with a prominent badge. 

Besides, the CTA button should also look different from all the other icons on the product design page. Regarding content on the CTA, go with the good old-fashioned “buy now” and “add to cart” text. No need to get crafts there. 

4 – Include Exclusive Description for Each Product

In this age of countless options and fast scrolling, it is not easy captivating the customers’ attention. Sometimes they want to gather as many details on a product as possible to compare it with other choices. Including a unique, inspiring, and comprehensive description gives you an advantage over the competitors. 

Target customer pain points in the description and organically highlight the key points so they may not appear enforced and artificial. Develop a tone and language style that customers can easily understand and relate to, making your product seem authentic and attractive. 

5 – Make Use of Hard-Earned Customer Review

There should be no hesitation in displaying how well your existing customers have taken your products. In fact, the positive ratings and reviews are the fruits of your efforts, time, and energy spent in building a successful ecommerce business. 

As per the studies, 95% of customers go through the reviews and ratings of a product before purchasing it. Making use of all the hard-earned reviews on the product pages is only fair.  The images and real names of reviewers shown with comments also increase the credibility of your brand. 

6 – Avoid Cluttering Up the Product Page

It took various strategies, plans, and marketing insights to get the customer to product pages. From there, customers leaving without making a purchase is a loss. You want to keep them focused on the product’s main features and important selling points to click on the sales button. 

The most important page design tip to boost sales would be to stay consistent with content, images, and typography, so the page looks well synchronized and organized. Remove unnecessary text, images, pop-ups and maintain a simple product page design template. 

7 – Stay Active With Customer Support

The internet is a vast world with millions of curious visitors seeking information on various topics. If some of them visit your website, they may become a lead and then potentially a buyer if answers to their queries are given promptly. Converse with them in a familiar tone and convince them you understand their issues and can offer solutionsthat’s how you build a solid and lasting customer base. 

8 – Mobile-Friendly Design

A high percentage of traffic visiting the websites prefer mobiles devices for online shopping. Most of them are busy people who won’t stay on the page for long if it doesn’t load quickly. Optimizing your product pages for smaller screens is in your business’s favor. It boosts conversion rate, lets the consumer access and move around pages wherever they are, and gives them an easy source to make payments.


eCommerce is a competitive business. A Lot of effort, time, and resources go into making your online shop a success. Consequently, a consumer that reaches finally reaches the product pages and leaves without making a purchase is like your investment walking out the door. Therefore, product page design has significant importance, utilizing your best assets in its creation. That’s the cue for the digital design specialists to enter and do their part. And, you can trust Creativesaware’s seasoned and innovative web and graphic designing team for that. We know how to create compelling, aesthetic, and mobile-friendly product pages to encourage shoppers to choose you over the rest.

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