Graphic Design Trends to Inspire Your Business in 2021 & Beyond

The world of graphic design is ever-changing which is why it’s important for you to keep up with the latest graphic design trends. 

Since the pandemic hit, graphic designers all over the world have been drawing inspiration from the current circumstances. The graphic design trends post Covid-19 have been nothing less than amazing and they definitely deserve some time in the spotlight. 

Apart from post Covid-19 designs, Creativesware will also be walking you through some illustration trends of 2021 that are both timeless and popular. Keep reading to find out 6 of the best graphic design trends of 2021!

6 Social Media Design Trends 2021 

2021’s graphic design has moved away from the typical futuristic technology approach and towards a more humanistic approach. Many of the designs in 2021 are people-centric, focusing on natural and community elements. 

1. Reviving Symbols in Graphic Design 

In 2021, there has been a return to the usage of symbols in graphic design. Symbols are incredibly powerful because they have the ability to show what language cannot say. 

It’s quite simple to incorporate symbols in graphic design. The trick is to use symbols that are more or less universal, so that your business can convey the same message globally. 

Moreover, symbols elevate the aesthetic appeal of any design, making it look edgier and trendier. Brands that wish to appeal to a millennial audience could opt for this type of design because it is often minimalistic and neat. 

2. Surrealism in Graphic Design

Surrealism is a type of art that emerged in the 20th century. The idea behind surrealism was that it was a merging between the real and the surreal. The surreal is the irrational and the unexplainable. 

This year in lockdown, the lines between what is real and what is surreal have definitely been blurred. Therefore, surrealism is the perfect graphic design theme to get into in 2021.

It mostly consists of absurd shapes, seamless collages, and stunning visuals. 

3. Diversity in Graphic Design 

It is important to move with the times. The growing diversity and authentic representation that exists in social media today is a step towards social change and you need to get on board! 

As a designer, portraying diversity is a way to make an impact on your audience. Recently, many designs on social media have been centred on movements and causes that brands believe in. 

If your brand has a good cause that it wants to share with the world, incorporate that into graphic design. 

4. Videos With Text 

Amidst the pandemic, it is incredibly difficult to go out into the field to photograph original shots. The solution to this obstacle has taken the graphic design world by storm. 

Increasingly, companies have been producing videos with overly large text, relying on motion graphics instead of using original photography. This method is ingenious because it’s simple, impactful, and a great solution to the hurdles the pandemic is throwing your way. 

5. Illustrations Make a Comeback 

Original illustrations are an excellent way to produce and publish original visual content. 

Illustrations make your brand look unique. Using flat icons in illustrations is especially useful because they are simple and don’t cause any clutter. 

Moreover, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you don’t know how to say it, draw it instead! This also impacts your audience, building intrigue around your business. 

6. Geometric Shapes 

This year, the biggest trend to watch out for is definitely geometric shapes. While abstract design has made a major appearance on the graphic design scene, geometric shapes will never go out of style. 

Geometric shapes are also much easier to create and use. Not to mention, they make your designs look cleaner and simpler. Remember to stay away from clutter and keep things simple! 

Those were our graphic design trends of 2021 predictions and Creativesware hopes you learnt something that could potentially improve your business marketing. Stay tuned for more exciting content like this!

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