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In 1998, Autodesk rebranded the AutoCAD Full Crack brand to AutoCAD, reflecting the growing impact of computer-aided design and related technologies on the design and construction industries.

AutoCAD was superseded in 2016 by AutoCAD LT (previously known as AutoCAD Architecture), which is designed for students and academics, architects, and other noncommercial users. AutoCAD LT does not support layers, and some of the functionality that existed in AutoCAD has been removed or moved to the free open-source AutoCAD LT or the more advanced commercial AutoCAD.

Download AutoCAD Desktop and work offline, which comes bundled with almost all recent versions of Windows. For a list of supported versions, see AutoCAD Downloads.

AutoCAD provides more control over drawing and dimensioning than AutoCAD LT, but provides more capability for working with drafting software. It is designed to be used in conjunction with other CAD applications. AutoCAD LT is ideal for drafting when used in conjunction with AutoCAD.

To download and run AutoCAD on your computer, please refer to the AutoCAD Downloads page, which includes links to the latest stable versions of AutoCAD for Windows, macOS, and Linux. (For details on licensing see the Autodesk licensing page.)

Note: This product is supported on Windows 7 and newer, and Mac OS X Yosemite and newer.

If you already have an AutoCAD subscription and would like to use your account to download AutoCAD Desktop, follow the registration instructions on the registration page. Otherwise, please go to AutoCAD Downloads for a list of supported versions.

Quick Start

See the AutoCAD Desktop Quick Start manual for instructions on using AutoCAD Desktop.

AutoCAD is designed to work together with other AutoCAD applications. For help with other AutoCAD applications, see AutoCAD Basics and AutoCAD LT Basics.

Creating a New Drawing

Open AutoCAD by double-clicking the AutoCAD executable file. When asked, type a name for the new drawing (and a description) and click Create.

The name and description of the new drawing appear on the Quick Start tab.

Before you draw, select the type of drawing that you want to create (see “Selecting a Drawing Type”) and then select a view:

AutoCAD Product Key

AutoCAD Architecture is a 3D architectural design software. Architecture was introduced in AutoCAD 2010 and is designed to promote collaboration between AutoCAD users. It is available as a free online service on the portal, including the following areas:

Building Information Model (BIM)
3D Warehouse
MEP (Building Equipment Modeling)
Project Management

AutoCAD Architecture includes a number of 3D modeling tools, including:

3D Architectural Modeling
3D Warehouse for 3D content
3D Analyze and 3D Measure
3D Plan and Section
3D Pattern
3D Presentation
3D View

AutoCAD Architecture supports a number of configuration options. The options are managed using the Application Setup panel. The following:

AutoCAD Architecture Settings:
Layers to include in BIM model
Number of independent layers to use for BIM model
Layers to display in the BIM model
3D Warehouse
Type of BIM model

Architecture was released as part of the second wave of new AutoCAD apps in 2010, and was later extended in AutoCAD 2011.

The 3D Warehouse provides an online catalog of BIM content that can be accessed using the Autodesk Exchange website. The 3D Warehouse content is organized into collections of items that can be searched using many different parameters. These collections include:

Contents of the collection
Intersection of the collection items
Collection parameters
Display properties of the collection items
Collection history

AutoCAD Architecture 3D View
AutoCAD Architecture 3D View provides a 3D view for AutoCAD Architecture. This allows users to view their models in 3D. The 3D view in AutoCAD Architecture has the following features:

Move, scale and rotate your views in 3D
Create 3D visualizations
Display BIM content in 3D
Export 3D view as a file format
Use the 3D view in your presentations

AutoCAD Architecture 3D Analyze
AutoCAD Architecture 3D Analyze provides 3D analysis of models. The following features are provided in the AutoCAD Architecture 3D Analyze:

Include 3D dimensions in your 3D models
Display 3D models in your views
Display 3D views on planar surfaces
Display 3D views of model sections
Generate a 3D model

AutoCAD PC/Windows

Add the necessary plugins to save and load your designs.

Go to Settings > Tools > Preferences > Addins > Addins > Addons

– Go to Edit (located at the upper-left side of the dialog box).
– Press Windows key + R
– Type : “addins”
– Click on Addins.

– Click on the “Import” button to import the new plugins.
– Select “Autocad 2017. Addins” and click “OK”.

Close Autocad and reopen it.

To load the plugins:

– Click on File > Load.
– Click on Autocad Data Manager.

– Click on Addins > Load Addins

– Select “Autocad 2017. Addins” and click “OK”.

Close Autocad and reopen it.

Using the tool, you can save the settings for each plugin.
You can use these plugins without the plugins when the Autocad opens:

– View Textures > Open > AutoCAD 2017 > Palettes > Proxies.

– Open | Edit | Offset | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Pattern | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Stencil | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Shadows | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Textures | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Contours | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Lighting | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Clipping | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Window | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | GIS | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Perspectives | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Realtime | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Floor | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Overhang | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Shadows | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Layers | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Paint | Edit | Apply

– Open | Edit | Materials

What’s New In AutoCAD?

New feature: Smart Visualize:

Identify and complete missing parts of a drawing more quickly and easily. “Paint” the missing parts of a drawing with the style of your choosing. (video: 3:44 min.)

Support for the new Microsoft Teams chat feature in AutoCAD. (video: 6:04 min.)

Automatic Scripting:

Enable options that allow you to continue working while your script runs.

New Scripting Control panel:

Modify your scripts and scripts that you write using a more intuitive and intuitive interface. (video: 7:25 min.)

Searchable Tags:

See all the tags you’ve created in one place, and instantly access the tags you need for a drawing. Tag searching works with any type of tag.

New version of Raster Products:

Support for the following Raster Image Encoder products:

Autodesk Raster File Format Converter to AutoCAD.dwg

.dwg Autodesk Raster Reader to AutoCAD.dwg

.dwg Autodesk Raster Image Encoder to AutoCAD.dwg

.dwg AutoCAD Raster Product to AutoCAD.dwg

.dwg AutoCAD Raster Product to AutoCAD.dwg

.dwg AutoCAD.dwg to Adobe Photoshop.psd

.psd.dwg to Adobe

.ai.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe Photoshop.psd

.psd.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe

.ai.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe Photoshop.psd

.psd.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe

.ai.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe Photoshop.psd

.psd.dwg to Microsoft Visio.vsi

.vsi.dwg to Adobe Illust

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

MediaTek MT6750M Quad Core Processor
16GB External Memory
Screen Resolution 1.280 x 720(1440 x 720 with Android Game Center)
Screen Size
Weight, Battery & Storage:
6.99 x 3.13 x 0.32 inches
8.3 ounces
Micro USB
Stereo Speakers

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