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AutoCAD is included with Autodesk’s other CAD programs, namely AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD costs $10,000 to purchase as a boxed set of software and hardware. A perpetual license fee of $35 per PC (or $100 for Macs) is included, which means that software updates, upgrades, upgrades of upgrades are included in the fee. A perpetual license for $10,000 allows the user unlimited use. An upgrade from older versions of AutoCAD to a newer version is very expensive, and an upgrade from AutoCAD to AutoCAD LT (for example) requires a separate purchase of $5,000.

AutoCAD is an application that has changed significantly since 1982. We look at how AutoCAD has changed since its release, and if you’re thinking about AutoCAD, or are thinking about a career in drafting or design, the following information may be useful to you.

Using AutoCAD

AutoCAD has evolved significantly since its release. In 1982, the program had a user interface consisting of a menu bar and icons, while the actual program ran in the background and processed 3D graphics on a separate internal screen. A typical user, not a programmer, could not, nor would have had the desire to, mess around with the code.

As its user base grew, the application had to be written in a manner that made it easy for an average user to use. In 1994, the user interface of AutoCAD was changed to a Ribbon interface. Prior to this, the interface was broken into two menus and multiple toolbars. With the Ribbon interface, there is a navigation area at the top, and a series of toolbars and menus underneath that allow access to different functions in the program. A user can click on any tool in the Ribbon toolbars to activate it, or click on the function itself.

In 1998, the drawing area itself was expanded and made to fill the entire screen. In the older versions, if a user created a drawing on the screen and was no longer using that drawing, the user could minimize the drawing area to hide it. In AutoCAD 2004, the drawing area was made to be full screen and be easily accessible. The user can toggle between the drawing area and the navigation area, and can resize the drawing area to an extent.

The actual object model of AutoCAD has also evolved.

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Application interfaces
Several application interfaces are used for interaction with AutoCAD. These include:
“Direct Graphical User Interface” (GUI), used by the AutoCAD 2002 suite
“Direct Design User Interface” (DDUI), used by the AutoCAD 2010 suite
“API” used by the AutoCAD.NET library
“Application programming interface”, used for developing AutoCAD add-on applications

Autocad.exe (Autodesk CAD) is an AutoCAD executable that, if necessary, executes a DLL-based language such as Visual LISP, VBA, Visual C#, Visual ObjectARX or AutoLISP.

Autocad command-line interface
Autocad command-line interface (CLI) can be used from the command-line of a terminal emulator on a Unix-like system, or in a DOS or Windows console window. The executable file name is autocad.exe, but if used from the command-line, its name should not be “autocad.exe” but “autocad.bat”, “autocad.cmd”, or even “”. This interface is available in all Autodesk products, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

In conjunction with AutoCAD
In conjunction with AutoCAD, the CLI is used in the following ways:

To execute parts of an AutoCAD drawing that do not use a mouse, for example, when the UI is not available
Running AutoCAD applications that can be started from within AutoCAD (e.g. browser)
To run AutoCAD applications as background processes.

AutoCAD command-line interface (CLI) features

AutoCAD command-line interface (CLI) can:

Be launched from within AutoCAD (e.g. via a launcher icon, a menu command, or by launching a sketch)
Can be used interactively (i.e., without the AutoCAD user interface). This is most useful when the software application or the AutoCAD user interface is not available.
Can be configured to operate without the user interface.
Can be started automatically upon starting AutoCAD (i.e., running as a background process)
Can be started via the command-line interface (CLI) to run AutoCAD applications that can be started from within Auto

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# Go to the Drawing menu:
# # Save
# # Close
# #

What’s New in the?

Easily modify the layout of graphical elements with just a click of a button. A new design feature allows you to use your mobile device to open and annotate drawings directly within the app.

Share updates to your drawings with just a tap. This feature allows you to share drawing updates directly from AutoCAD. Whether you use mobile devices, tablets or computers, a share update can be sent directly to a recipient or posted online.

You can also share to Social Media from within the app. (video: 0:40 min.)

More Ways to Start a Sketch or 3D Model:

Easily start sketches and 3D models by selecting any 3D object that is within your drawings.

Snap 2D and 3D objects together to create a single 2D/3D view of a model.

Select objects in your current view and create a new drawing based on those objects.

Draw a freehand sketch, then refine it by moving and rotating the sketch object. (video: 0:50 min.)

More Layout and Block Management Options:

Display block and page numbers on your 2D and 3D drawings to quickly jump to any block or page in your drawings.

Open a new drawing within an existing drawing based on a selection in the current drawing.

Add blocks to your 2D and 3D drawings by simply dragging and dropping from any source drawing, including from AutoCAD web services.

Expand or collapse a block and page group in any drawing by right-clicking on the block or page title. (video: 0:38 min.)

Product Version 10.0.1, published January 26, 2019.

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