9 Graphic Design Trends We’ll See In 2021

Graphics design is an ever-changing and ever-evolving field of work that needs constant investment and attention. Design is the foundation of every successful online business, and graphic design makes up most of it. Graphic design is a versatile realm, up for experimentation. 

You can play with colors, shapes, and contrast to create something worthwhile. The graphic design trends keep unfolding to a more exotic level. Last year was a bit of a roadblock for the graphic design fraternity, but 2021 is all about change.

You might be wondering what are the prevalent graphic design trends this year that designers need to keep a lookout for? Well, we have you covered. We have created a detailed guide about all graphic design trends in 2021 that are hyped. These unique trends will keep you at the forefront. So, go through this fantastic guide to keep up with the competition.

9 Graphic Design Trends You Need to Grab on to

Well, graphic design trends are readily evolving post-Covid. To keep up with the demands of the clients, you need to be well versed with a few essential elements of the current trend. The polarizing trends of 2021 are some of the best evolutions that might become the graphic design landscape in 2022.

1-Minimalism Prevails

Gone are those days when the design was all cluttered. The new trend is all about keeping it subtle and minimal. Minimalism has prevailed in the design world since 2019, and well it seems to be going nowhere. Using straightforward design versions without excess decorations and ornaments is what graphic design trends in 2021 are all about. Flat, two-dimensional designs with easy-to-read typography, are in and trending.

The natural and soft tones, with authentic minimal designs, are the need of the hour.

2-Solid Colors

Who doesn’t enjoy the blue of the sky? Or the deep green of the leaves on a spring morning. Well, solid colors are an everlasting trend. This is the most profound graphic design color trend of 2021. It gives your design a minimal yet stronghold to grab your audience’s attention. Solid colors with a blend of muted tones are received well on the eyes. 

This is one graphic design trend that has been in forever. You can never go wrong with a color palette made with solid tones and muted highlights. This is one trend you need to have a solid grip on to keep progressing in the design field.

3-The Blur Effect

Designers have been using the blur effect forever. However, the new trend combines the blur with solid tones and a grainy filter to give more versatility to the design. This provides the design with more reliability. Your message can stand out with the blur effect, and the addition of a filter will make it more profound and attractive. So, add some blur to your design to get the best out of it.

4-Stay Natural

The pandemic has placed us at a distance from nature. The population has stayed inside for some time now, making nature very appealing. Designers can bring nature to the doorstep using fresh floral colors, earthy tones, amber patterns, and leafy texture to attract the audience even more. So, spice up your design and make your audience reminisce about the beauty of nature.

5-Flat Icons

Flat icons and illustrations continue to attract people. It’s one way to convey your message without using words. This simple design trend is number one of the most followed design trends at the moment. This design form is easy to make and even easier to understand. It elevates your caption by narrating a visual story. A picture is worth a thousand words initiative is what makes this design trend work.

6-Three Dimensional Design

Have you ever seen those billboards with three-dimensional visuals? Where it seems so hyper-realistic and unbelievable. Well, the three-dimensional design continues to mesmerize people of all ages. It’s not as easy as simple design, but it’s widely accepted and appreciated. We have witnessed a significant boost in the design’s incorporation of 3D elements in 2021. New technologies and softwires have enhanced our capability to pull off digital graphics with much more expertise. Therefore, we anticipate seeing much more of this design.

7-Motion Graphics

Motion graphics and animations have made a designer’s job easier, rather than using a set of complicated designs to convey your agenda. Motion graphics do it subtly and flawlessly. Without much thought, this is one design form you need to have in-depth knowledge and expertise for. The attention spans have become shorter, and people tend to skip valuable information because of lack of attraction. Motion graphics enable you to capture attention to create a more enjoyable experience for the audience while providing them with information. Therefore, even simple animations like GIFs have taken over the digital world.

8-Text Only Design

Beautiful design patterns that only withhold texts displayed differently always catch your attention. This text-only design with unique patterns, detailed fonts, and popping colors has made a list of the most followed designs for 2021. You can convey any text to the viewer without it seeming to be dull. There are a growing number of designers using a type-only approach and creating innovative designs.

9-Mixed Textures

Have you seen layered retro pictures in restaurants that always grab your attention? Well, the mixed layers, retro patterns have crept into the design world and are taking it by storm. This is a promising design trend that can be elevated in the future—creating deep contrast with layered patterns that attract you from a distance helps you allure people of all ages. It would help if you kept up with this design trend to sync with your competitors.

The creativesware team has always kept graphic design trends in mind. With your ideology and design expertise, we can create a more reliable design for you and your company. Rather than trying to understand the evolving design trends, you can consult with a team of experts to guide you along the path. Don’t miss out!

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