8 Things You’re Doing Wrong With Your Website Design

The digital marketing campaign of any business, small or big, is incomplete without a compelling website. Websites serve as an online shop or online identity for businesses. Their design, graphics, and content are crucial for revenue generation and business growth. Yet, many small businesses make a common mistake in web designs. To save money for the project, they bargain on web design and end up purchasing poor-quality templates. The result is, visitors, come to the website but leave without performing the task you want them to do. 

Visitors abandoning your website without taking targeted action is just money going out of the gates. If your business is facing the same issue and your website is not bringing in conversations, you must consider analyzing your website design.  

It is understandable to get confused in discerning web design problems and solutions. It takes a professional to have complete command over one’s area of specialization. But with tools and evaluation of fundamentals of web design, you can decipher major website mistakes.


8 Major Website Design Mistakes 

Let us help you find out the 8 things you’re doing wrong with your website design:

1. User-Friendly Interface 

Think like a user when you assess your website’s design. As a user, you would know what problems were there in the various pages of a website. Was it easy to navigate through different pages on the website? Were the CTA buttons functional? Did you understand the language used in the website content? Were the pages loading promptly? How was your experience visiting a specific website from different devices? These questions will give you a vivid overview of a random user’s experience with your website. Keep all these points in mind and resolve the issues a user might face while visiting a website. There are high chances that a visitor who spends time on your website would convert into a customer.


2. Track Performance of Website 

Not tracking the performance of the website is the biggest mistake ever. It is just like doing hard work without expecting a reward. You are putting in efforts that might be going in vain. As per research, almost 75% of new businesses do not analyze their website performances. It is needless to say that such businesses miss out on a large proportion of their capital. Website is a business investment that will garner positive results if handled tactfully. 

There are numerous paid and free tools available online to guide you on adjusting, reviewing, and redesigning the website design. An effective plugin, Monsterinsights, easily connects your website to Google Analytics, allowing you to access valuable information on user behavior, conversion, and bounce rates. With conscious and careful performance tracking and timely resolution, your website can outdo its competitors.


3. Connect with Customers With Thoughtful Brand Message

Many brands neglect to focus on creating a clear brand message. Being unclear on your brand is one of those web design mistakes that distance customers from you on an emotional level. The brand message is a massive factor for your business’s success. It sets you apart from the competitors and gives your brand its unique identity. A customer or a viewer who comes to your website has certain expectations with you.

The brand message ensures the readers that you have the solutions to their problems and you can be the best option for them in the market. It happens with the help of a well-versed content strategy that conveys your brand message through storytelling. This story connects the customer with you and builds a trustable relationship that becomes stronger over time. The brand message promoted in a storytelling manner has an unforgettable impact. It makes you stand out from others and bring value to your brand’s online persona.


4. Work On Your SEO Strategy

Without SEO, websites would merely exist in URLs. They won’t reach the targeted audience and resultantly garner no revenues. SEO or search engine optimization uses keywords in the content which searchers typically type on the search engines to get information on a service or product. Strategic keyword placement in the content of your websites has an essential role in traffic generation. Search engines rank up the websites that provide valuable information to the readers and have longer visitor stays. However, search engine optimization is a slow process that requires consistency and determination. 

You will have an easier time ranking up your website if you use long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are phrases in a natural language that searchers type in to approach a service provider. An example of a long tail keyword is “what is the cost of iphone6”. A person typing in this keyword would probably want to know information on pricing and product features. Any website that has used this keyword in its website content organically has a high chance of receiving relevant leads that would probably convert into sales. Long-tail and highly searched keywords are available at the bottom of the google pages after researching your niche. 


5. Contact Info Should Be Easily Accessible

It is probably the easiest web design mistake to avoid. Many businesses forget this essential element while embellishing all the other aspects of the website. Contact info should be written prominently on the website’s front page if your viewers want to get in touch. Remember, customers will not spend time finding your contact info. It should be right there, or they will be gone in no time. 

Make sure to create a dedicated contact page providing detailed information for customers to reach you. Submit a phone number, email address, contact form and stay active to respond to any queries as soon as possible.judgeMost importantly, there is no need to be creative with wording or design on the call to action button of contact information. It should be easy to use and navigable. A simple “contact with us on this number” will do. 


6. Appropriate Ads Placement

Advertisements are undoubtedly a necessary part of online marketing. They earn a big chunk of overall income on websites, especially those placed on blogs. However, you can be the judge of the impression they can have on the reader if not positioned correctly. 

When you visit a blog where you see too many ads flashing in colorful palettes, disturbs your reading continuity. You wouldn’t stay on that particular website and probably look for some other source of information. Keeping this experience in mind, be careful in placing ads on your website in a way they do not annoy the readers. The same goes with the pop-ups, analyze carefully, and provide the best experience to every reader. After all, it is all about quality rather than quantity.

Chances are, the reader who left your site because of frustrating ads would have been your forever customer. It is better to maintain a good reputation for your brand which will talk about the quality of your services. 


7. Quality of Images

Bad quality images are vibe killers in the website designs. It is one of the biggest web design mistakes that many businesses are making. You can take pictures and graphics as a visual representation of your brand. They convey the message of your brand quite vividly without the readers having to read the text.

Poor quality images ruin the viewer’s perception of you and turn them off. It is better to dedicate a specific proportion of the budget for high-quality graphic designing for the website than to lose your brand’s credibility. Choose relevant images that don’t confuse the viewers. The graphics should have suitable colors and fonts that adjust to the website’s template perfectly. You can hire professional graphic designers who know how to do their work instead of mucking up your website.


8. Don’t Overdo

The emphasis is on providing the viewer with premium quality images and content, but it shouldn’t be overdone. A website that has too much going on is never good. A viewer needs to get the required information within a few seconds of visiting your website. If the viewer sees too many images, pop-ups, or ads, he is bound to get confused about what to do and, instead of wasting time, he probably would leave. 

Try displaying pertinent business information on the landing page and make it look simpler. Use friendly and readable fonts and attractive color palettes but in just the correct percentage. If there are no navigability issues or confusion, your website will surely be a success.


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